Animal Rehoming Tablelands is not a charity organisation. We're just a group of volunteers trying to rehome cats and kittens who need help to find their forever homes. ART is able to accept donations.

We also have a sponsorship scheme which you may be able to join. Our foster carers provide food, shelter and some medication using their own funds for the cats and kittens in their care and sponsors are invited to assist with this funding by private arrangement with the carer. Under this private arrangement, cash sponsorship is permitted.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please choose your kitty from our photo albums and send us an email and you'll be given details about how to sponsor your kitty. Naturally, we'd really appreciate if you were able to sponsor one of our adult cats or teenage kittens as they are likely to be in care longer than the cute fluffy little ones.

Some kitties need extra care and attention. They may have been traumatised or simply just not socialised.

We especially appreciate the support of sponsors for these special cases



Animal Rehoming Tablelands